Benefits of Niacinamide (Vitamin B3)

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Niacinamide is a multifunctional active ingredient whose efficacy has been substantiated in numerous clinical trials. This biologically active form of Niacinamide (vitamin B3) is found widely in many plants and animals. It is also an important precursor to intracellular co-factors that act as coenzymes in more than 40 biochemical reactions and can also act as antioxidants. Niacinamide is a water soluble material that is solution and light stable. The optimum solution stability is at a pH 6. It can hydrolyze and form nicotinic acid at higher or lower PH, which can result in skin irritation.

Great Benefits for the Skin

Improved Skin Barrier Function Topical Niacinamide increases free fatty acid ceramide levels in the skin, stimulates micro-circulation in the dermis, and prevents the skin from losing water. It also increases protein synthesis (e.g. keratin) and speeds up the differentiation of keratinocytes (horny cells).


5% Topical Niacinamide reduces wrinkling, red blotchiness, yellowing and hyper pigmented spots in aging facial skin. One study found that a combination of kinetin and Niacinamide reduced facial wrinkles in Asian women by nearly 50%.


In a small study, 2% Topical Niacinamide was shown to be more effective than Vaseline (petroleum) for reducing skin water loss and increasing hydration.

Reduced Skin Oiliness

2% Topical Niacinamide applied can be effective in reducing sebum production and reduction of skin pore size.

Improved Rosacea

Niacinamide was shown to reduced hyperkeratosis and acne. In a clinical study, 4% Nicotinamide gel was comparable in efficacy to 1% clindamycin gel (leading topical prescription for treating acne) in the treatment of acne.

Skin Lightening

Niacinamide is believed to influence cutaneous pigmentation by down-regulating transfer of melanosomes from melanocytes to the keratinocytes without inhibiting tyrosinase activity or cell proliferation. Topical 2 to 5% Niacinamide has shown some efficacy when used alone or in combination with N-Acetyl-Glucosamine for the treatment of melasma and UV-induced hyper pigmentation in fair-skinned people and also Asian people. Niacinamide with Retinyl Palmitate has been shown to improve hyper pigmentation and increase skin lightening after 4 weeks of treatment compared with vehicle alone.

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