Expert Tips - Bridal Looks

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  • Keep the makeup soft for the occasion.
  • Keep the skin hydrated throughout the big day with Moist Hydration Mist.
  • Use Lid Primer for long lasting eye shadows and to prevent eye shadow creasing throughout the day.
  • Use matte shadows (they won't reflect light as much).
  • Blend colors well. The camera will pick up visible makeup lines.
  • Apply a highlighter underneath the brow bone to shape and contour.
  • Apply a tiny bit of shimmer to the inner corners of the eyes (Dust 24K works beautifully).
  • Use Precision Eye Pencil in peach on the lower inside rim of the bottom eye to neutralize any redness.
  • Use Cream Eyeliner close to the upper lash line to increase the lash effect.
  • Use a Eye Shadow in a similar color underneath the eyes for a softer look.
  • Use Lash Curler to open eyes.
  • Use Lash Thickener and Conditioner for a full lash effect.
  • Be sure to fill in the brows to frame the face.
  • Use the proper foundation formula that is right for your specific skin type.
  • Use brushes when applying makeup. The oils from your fingers will change the formulation and color of the product.
  • Use the Sheer Tint as a primer under the Loose Base or Pressed Base, providing a natural finish.
  • When applying Protective Liquid Foundation, mist the foundation brush first to sheer-out the product.
  • Concealer helps to brighten dark areas, especially in photographs.
  • To avoid a heavy concealer look apply Concealer only where it is needed, like the inside corners of the eyes and crevices of the nose.
  • Smile and apply Blush right on the apples of your cheeks for a natural flush effect. Use a little more blush than usual. Pictures can wash you out.
  • Use the Precision Eye Pencil in peach around the outer edges of the lips to define the natural lip line.This will give a fuller lip effect.
  • Choose a Lipstick color one or two shades brighter than what you would normally wear.
  • Neutral and pale lip colors look washed out in photographs.
  • To make sure lips last longer, fill in the entire lip with Precision Lip Pencil.

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August 19, 2016

Great information.

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