glo minerals FAQ


1. How does glo minerals compare to other mineral makeup?
glo minerals makeup  contain Vitamins A, C & E plus Green Tea to protect and nurture the skin.  Glo are pioneers in creating new mineral-based formulations & products and we are constantly enhancing formulas with the newest and most beneficial ingredients – Ex: Satin II foundations contain Malachite and Venuceane.

Glo minerals offers multiple foundation options (Pressed Base, Sheer Tint, Satin II, etc) and offer a wide variety of colors.

2. Can you increase the SPF level by applying additional layers of foundation?
Yes, you can. A heavier application provides stronger physical protection against the penetration of UV rays.

3. How is the SPF level of glo minerals tested?
They are physically tested by laying minerals on the skin and measuring the penetration of UV in to the dermis. UV protective ingredient levels in the formulas are also tested.

4. How do we get the hair for our brushes?
No animals are harmed or endangered to create our brushes. Hair is attained through grooming the animals.

5. How do we get our colors?
Glo pigments are derived from mineral mines all over the world. The rocks are pulverized into particles, then sanitized so they can be used in the products.

Glo use: Mica from India, Titanium Dioxide from US, Canada, Australia, Iron Oxides from India, Ultramarines from Germany, Manganese Violet from Germany, Carmine from Spain.

6. What does triple milled mean?
It’s a process used refine particles so that ultimately, they lay better on the skin for superior coverage. For example, think of how pebbles look in a glass jar vs. sand in a glass jar. The sand looks smoother and more refined than the pebbles. Light is able to penetrate through larger particles, and is not able to do so when the particles are smaller. The same holds true for makeup that is not triple milled versus makeup that is. In addition, glo.minerals begins wtih the smallest particles available as a raw material—and then triple mills them.

7. Are our products considered water proof?
Glo minerals makeup are water resistant.

8. Does glo minerals makeup contain talc?
No, glo minerals makeup is talc-free. Talc is the number one ingredient in traditional makeup. Talc is a filler/bulking agent. It clogs pores and suffocates the skin which can lead to acne, exacerbate rosacea and other undesirable skin conditions.

We use pure rich pigments from the earth. This means less product needs to be applied to see more product on the skin. glo minerals makeup lays on the surface of the skin and allows your skin to breathe and function as though your skin were bare. It is more beneficial to wear glo.minerals than to wear nothing at all.

9. What is the best way to apply and wear mineral makeup?
The #1 complaint about mineral makeup is that is can look heavy. This is because people apply it the same way they apply product with talc. Using our brushes and applying multiple layers of sheer coats allows many levels of coverage. Brushes will alter the coverage of a product. The longer the hair is on a brush, the more sheer the product application will be.

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