Keep Skin Luminous During Summer Travel; Discover ANSR:

ANSR: Light therapy beauty products use the power of light to create beautiful, youthful skin.

See how easily ANSR: BEAM helps you fight blemishes and smooth skin in just ten minutes a day.

The ANSR Beam combines the best of both blue and red light technology. The Beam does double duty to treat blemishes and smooth skin all in one hand-held devise. The blue light reduces blemishes, while the red light activates healing. Use the ANSR Beam for ten minutes, twice a day and in as little to 4-8 weeks your skin can look and feel healthier with consistent use. Just glide the ANSR Beam over your face.

The ANSR: BEAM features two light therapy treatments in one device. The BLUE Light works to clear your complexion. The RED light helps to rejuvenate texture and tone, diminish fine lines and wrinkles, and reduce pore size and redness. Easily incorporated into any skin care regimen, the BEAM is compact, cordless, and rechargeable. Get radiant, healthy skin in minutes per day!

Portable, Lightweight and Palm-sized ANSR: Products Make the Perfect Travel Companion!

(July 2012) Portland, OR – According to the Research and Innovative Technology Administration, the average summer long-distance trip is 284 miles in one direction, so keeping travel items light is a key component to a successful summer vacation. Plus, with ever-changing airline restrictions and increasing baggage fees, who wants to deal with the hassle of worrying about what beauty essentials to bring? With portable, palm-sized and lightweight beauty products from ANSR:, keeping skin smooth, radiant and healthy during a summer vacation has never been more convenient.

Whether planning a trip across the globe or a quick weekend getaway, ANSR:’s collection of products provides on-the-go solutions for any skin type and age group. With daily use of ANSR: light therapy products, skin will become smoother, healthier, and more radiant.

Benefits include:

  • The compact, circular shape makes them perfectly suited for travel. The ANSR: BEAM and ANSR: HALO both weigh just under 2.6 ounces and can easily fit into any cosmetic bag or the pocket of a small purse.
  • The ANSR: HALO uses infrared and red LED light therapy at different skin depths to smooth wrinkles and help stimulate collagen growth for an effective, anti-redness, anti-aging skin care regimen.
  • The ANSR: BEAM uses blue and red LED light therapy to improve skin’s complexion and reduce blemishes.

Since water is not needed and the lights are completely safe for eyes, ANSR: products can be used pretty much anywhere. Whether it’s during a ten-minute car ride to the airport, on the Euro rail to Italy, cruising along the Mediterranean or while relaxing during a long flight across the country, in as little as five minutes skin will be prepped, primped and ready to go. Regular use will help you see visible results in as little as four weeks time.

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