New spring 2015 Suede Matte Collection

Saturated, long wear color with twelve new shades in two new formulas. Both Suede Matte Crayons and Suede Matte Sticks offer velvety smooth finishes for endless possibilities!

Suede Matte Crayon
Our crayon-inspired pencil with built in sharpener delivers precision and convenience in one.
Shades: monogram, trademark, crush, sorbet, bombshell, demure





Suede Matte Stick
Our new slender stick offers a cream application that lasts for hours.
Shades: memento, bliss, pop, punch, pinup, port







For those who like to wear matte lipstick but don’t like the drying feeling. They feel very comfortable on the lips and they also have the same minty scent like the crayons.

Both lip products are enriched with Vitamin C, E, Mango Oil and Shea Butter for nourishing protection. Both formulas offer antioxidant protection and conditioning ingredients that include Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Mango Seed Oil and Shea Butter. It truly is matte redefined! The long wear ability of the Suede Matte Collection is due to a combination of advanced ingredients as well as our own body heat that create a binding effect. Once these ingredients come into contact with body heat, they slightly evaporate. When this evaporation occurs, it creates a binding effect with ingredients in the formula - the end result is a very long wear formula.