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This complete Acne Kit, ideal for oily, acne prone skin, combines 4 professional strength medications to battle the signs of acne. The results are amazing when used as directed!

Clinicians Complex Acne Kit uses a combination of Clinicians Complex 4 acne fighting medications, this powerful, professional strength acne kit will significantly reduce many signs of acne, from mild to severe. This Acne Kit battles breakouts, blackheads, acne redness and inflammation. The result are amazing when used as directed!

Acne Treatment Kit Contains:

  • Foaming Gel Cleanser
  • Acne Toner
  • AHA Facial Gel
  • Acne Drying Lotion

Foaming Gel Cleanser is formulated for normal, oily, or acne prone skin. This foaming cleanser contains alpha hydroxy acids to exfoliate the skin allowing for a thorough gentle cleansing. This helps to keep pores clean and clear while gently controlling oil without over drying. It contains the powerful antioxidant ingredients vitamin C and Japanese green tea. Japanese green tea is a natural cleansing and soothing agent that additionally provides anti-aging properties. It also helps reduce inflammation resulting from acne. Vitamin C has been scientifically shown to help boost collagen production resulting in a decrease of wrinkles and better skin texture. Both antioxidant ingredients help combat free radical damage. This medical formulation uses ingredients backed by science to leave skin clean, smooth, and refreshed.

Acne Toner is an alcohol-free formula, which combines 2% salicylic acid and alpha hydroxy acids. This antibacterial formula is excellent for oily, acne prone skin. Salicylic acid is a gentle beta hydroxy acid, which aids in the exfoliation process while providing antibacterial qualities. Alpha hydroxy acid gently exfoliates away dull and damaged skin. This formula also incorporates witch hazel that has been used for centuries as a mild astringent and skin conditioner. Kola nut and chamomile extract are included to provide anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant benefits as well.

AHA Facial Gel combines the skin rejuvenating benefits of glycolic acid, with the anti-bacterial benefits of salicylic acid.  The rejuvenating and exfoliating properties of lactic acid, citric acid, tartaric acid, malic acid, and passionflower fruit extract, pineapple fruit extract, grape fruit extract, combined with the healing qualities of aloe vera make this gel uniquely effective.  This is a light, non-comedogenic, oil-free, formula designed for normal to oily, and acne prone skin.  It helps to keep the skin clean and clear while also restoring a more youthful appearance.

Acne Drying Lotion is an anti-bacterial treatment lotion designed to reduce the size and severity of acne blemishes. This powerful formula contains salicylic acid which gently exfoliates pore-blocking debris. It contains 10% sulfur, one of the most powerful drying agents, along with camphor and zinc oxide to fight acne bacteria and infection. The results are amazing when used as directed.

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Massage Foaming Gel Cleanser over damp skin for approximately 30 seconds.  Remove with clean wet wash cloth.  Rinse face well with water.

Moisten cotton pad with Acne Toner and apply to treatment area.  Allow few seconds to dry.

Apply AHA Facial Gel over treatment area and allow to dry.

Dip a clean cotton swab into the sediment of unshaken Acne Drying Lotion and apply directly to blemishes. It can also be used on larger treatment area after shaking the bottle and applying with cotton pad.

CAUTION: FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY.  Avoid contact with eyes.  In case of contact, flush eyes with water.  Keep out of reach of children.  If excessive irritation develops, discontinue use and consult your physician.

Sunburn Alert: This product contains an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that may increase your skin's sensitivity to the sun and particularly the possibility of sunburn. Use a sunscreen, wear protective clothing, and limit sun exposure while using this product and for a week afterwards.

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