Blackhead Cleaner Remover Comedone Extractor

Blackhead Cleaner Remover Comedone Extractor


This double ended design is suitable for both blackheads and whiteheads. With its easy grip, this tool is perfect for the professional and the at-home user.

• Made of high-quality Stainless steel
• Double looped ends (flat and angled thin rolled)
• Knurled slender body for better grip
• Professional quality

1 Unit. 4.3in. (11mm) (2.79cm)

How To Use

Disinfect or Sterilize the tool before using. It is recommended that extraction be performed after a steamy shower or facial sauna. Alternatively, a hot damp towel may be used to open pores.


Push the looped side on top of the blackhead - basically encircling this area with the loop. Apply slow and even pressure lightly until the trapped sebum is forced out of the follicle. The blackhead will ooze up and out of the pore. Do not continue to attempt the extraction if the trapped serum is not released easily. Applying too much force can cause infection and scarring.


Gently press down, then gently roll the tool over the whitehead. Be sure to disinfect the area when finished and clean your tool off with alcohol or hot water.

Warning: Do not squeeze out whiteheads or blackheads with your fingers. Excessive force may cause infection and scarring. A deep, cystic pimple should not be opened. When dealing with deep acne, it's best to visit a dermatologist. Always use high-quality instruments and avoid cheaper low-grade implements.