Anti-Aging Mature/Dry Skin Kit
$170.00 - Sold Out

This Clinicians Complex Skin Kit contains a full regimen of what your skin needs to combat dry, aging and mature skin, resulting in smooth, hydrated, healthy looking skin. The Clinicians Complex Anti-Aging Mature/Dry Skin Kit is ideal for restoring critical hydration levels,...

Skin Bleaching Cleanser
$35.00 - Sold Out

Formulated to penetrate deep into the skin to lighten skin discoloration and pigmentation problems. Clinicians Complex Skin Bleaching Cleanser is formulated to penetrate deep into the skin to lighten skin discoloration and pigmentation problems. It contains four skin bleaching agents:...

Sensitive Skin Cleanser
$29.00 - Sold Out

Soothes and softens as it cleans, helping the skin retain needed moisture. Formulated with antioxidant-rich vitamin E and nourishing Peruvian balsam extracts, the Clinicians Complex Sensitive Skin Cleanser soothes and purifies the complexion without stripping away moisture or upsetting the...

Pro Spin Brush for Perfect Skin - Face and Body - Vitagoods
$55.00 $44.99

Spin for Perfect Skin - Skin Cleansing Face and Body Brush, Microdermabrasion Exfoliator System. There's an easy way to get the bright, glowing skin associated with the chicest members of society—celebrities, the wealthy, and ghosts. It's called a facial brush,...

Sensitive Skin Kit
$143.00 - Sold Out

This Sensitive Skin Kit is designed to gently restore skins moisture content, refresh, soothe and heal dry and damaged skin. Also aids in reducing redness, improve firmness, elasticity, and smoothness, while helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Sensitive Skin...

Why Is It So Important To Exfoliate Your Skin in the Winter

As the frigid winter weather approaches, your skin takes a beating. I don't know about you, but as soon as the temperature dips, my skin goes straight into winter mode. The extra-dry flakiness and dullness take over. This is when your skincare routine should rise to the challenge.

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Redefining the Way You Clean Your Skin; Pretika

Exfoliation and cleansing are the first steps in any skin care routine and should be a part of your daily beauty ritual with the Tools and Technology from Pretika.

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Clarifying Emulsion

Exfoliates for visibly improved texture and leaves your skin clear and supple with a healthy radiance. Formulated with Jojoba Oil, Aloe and Allantoin. Perfect for sensitive, irritated, dehydrated, and/or oily skin. Water based hydrator/moisturizer; Clinical Formula Clarifying Emulsion calms and heals...

De La Cruz Vegetable Glycerin 100% Pure

De La Cruz 100% pure Vegetable Glycerin absorbs moisture and thus is a valuable softening aid for chapped or dry skin. For delicate skin always use in diluted form. Does not contain preservatives, artificial colors or fragrances. Glycerin has high humectant...

Sulfur Mask
$25.00 - Sold Out

Remove excess oil, dirt and impurities from the surface of the skin. It also balances the pH of the skin. Clinicians Complex Sulfur Mask is formulated for oily, acne prone skin types. This fragrance free mask helps remove excess oil,...

Aloe Vera Gel

Soothing aloe vera gel instantly cools, soothes and helps reduce irritated or reddened skin associated with waxing, sunburns and or sensitive skin. Clinical Formula Aloe Vera Gel is specially formulated from natural Aloe Vera plant. It assist to hydrate the...

Self Emulsifying Oil

Self Emulsifying Oil is a hyper hydrator/moisturizer specially designed for Sensitive, Irritated or Dehydrated skin. Self Emulsifying Oil, a moisturizer/conditioner and sealant specially formulated for dry & sensitive skin, enriched with moistures and sealants, provides moisture and protection that your...

Cleansing Milk

Beautiful skin starts with effective, yet gentle, cleansing.  This light formulation glides onto the skin, removing impurities while hydrating and revitalizing the complexion. Clinical Formula Cleansing Milk is an Aloe Vera based cleanser that provides excellent cleansing action that does...

Hand and Body Lotion

Hand & Body Lotion specially formulated for hand & body, enriched with superior moistures and sealants, provides moisture and protection that your skin need. A moisturizer specially for hands and body. Provides moisture to the skin and prevents moisture loss...

Texturizing Mask

Low irritation natural clay based mask with Pro-Vitamin B5 that gently removes impurities from pores as it heals and soothes the skin to reveal smoother, softer looking skin. If you have oily or acne-prone skin, clay masks are a must-have....

Facial Cleanser with Glycolic Acid
$29.00 - Sold Out

*Image of product may be different then what received. An oil-free, soap-free facial cleanser to gently exfoliate and help promote a more youthful complexion. Ideal for dry, sun damaged skin. Clinicians Complex Facial Cleanser with glycolic acid gently exfoliates the skin to...

Derma Moist with Hyaluronic Acid
$49.00 - Sold Out

Restore dry damaged skin. Remove redness. Improve firmness while helping to remove fine lines and wrinkles. Clinicians Complex Derma Moist instantly increase moisture retention levels of the skin with Hyaluronic Acid along with a variety of botanical extracts and other...

Finding the Best Organic Skin Care Solution

Beauty magazines and the internet are saturated by businesses and gurus claiming to have the best skin care solutions. In this race, organic products seem to be leading the pact.

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Fruity Gel

Specially formulated from a high purity Glycolic acid and Vitamin B5 to gently exfoliate dead layers of skin to relieve signs of aging and to smooth rough, dry skin. This high purity AHA gel, helps to remove the layers of...

De La Cruz Vitamin E Lotion

This nourishing Vitamin E lotion is an enhancing everyday moisturizer for hands and body that softens and refreshes. Containing 12,000 IU of Vitamin E, this allergy-tested formula is enriched with Avocado Oil, Almond Oil and Aloe Vera and effectively soothes...

Purifying Cleanser Concentrate
$17.00 $14.00

An Aloe Vera based sensitive skin cleanser for normal to dry skin designed to thoroughly cleanse the skin and remove makeup. Does not strip away natural oils. Use on a daily basis. Leaves the skin feeling soft, smooth and supple....

Lactic & Green Tea Cleanser
from $12.00

A very soothing, hydrating facial cleanser for dry, sensitive or normal skin types. The combination of Lactic Acid, Green Tea, Allantoin, Linden Flower Extract and Aloe Vera helps calm skin that is easily irritated or prone to redness. Sensitive &...

AHA Facial Cream
$44.00 - Sold Out

A luxurious cream removes rough, dry skin while delivering lasting moisture for a more youthful appearance and softer smoother skin. Results are remarkable when used as directed. Clinicians Complex AHA Facial Cream is a luxurious, fragrance-free cream designed for all skin...

Moisture Balancing Cream

Moisture Balancing Cream is a specially designed moisturizer for all skin types but ideal for sensitive and or dehydrated skin. Formulated as a sealant and barrier to keep nutrients in for better, healthy skin. Net Contents 4 fl.oz. Moisture and...

Tested Home Remedies for a Clearer Skin

Here are some of the best natural tips that promise clear and smooth skin.


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Phyto Corrective Gel

A hydrating, soothing gel with botanical ingredients ideal for sensitive or problem skin types to calm and hydrate skin. Phyto Corrective Gel contains hyaluronic acid, cucumber, thyme, and other botanical ingredients, making it an ideal moisturizer for sensitive skin. It...

Cleansing Cream

A gentle, water based cleanser which helps to deep cleanse the skin. Excellent to remove makeup and provide a fresh clean feeling to the skin. Clinical Formula Cleansing Cream is a gentle cream water based cleanser with moisturizer that cleanse...

Exfoliating Cleanser with Salicylic 2%
from $12.00

A deep exfoliating cleanser that gently removes pore clogging oil and dead skin buildup. Leaves skin feeling clean and improves skin texture. All Skin Types. Directions: Apply a small amount and gently massage in and rinse well with water. Active...

Hydro Boost Hyaluronic Gel All-Natural Hydrator

This all-natural hydrator instantly quenches dry skin and keeps it looking smooth, supple and hydrated day after day. The unique water gel formula absorbs quickly, like a gel, but has the long-lasting, intense moisturizing power of a cream. Hydration is the...

Vitamin-C Hydrating Toner

An invigorating, alcohol free, skin brightening toner that hydrates and restores the skin’s pH balance. An alcohol-free, skin brightening toner that hydrates and restores the skin’s pH balance.  Also helps lighten areas with discoloration and helps fight free-radical damage. This...

Bio-Peeling Cream

This amazing mild exfoliating cream removes impurities, dead skin cells and blackheads to reveal clearer, younger looking more radiant skin while helping to hydrate, brighten and soften the skin to reveal a glowing, smoother-looking complexion. Clinical Formula Bio-Peeling Cream is...

Normalizing Emulsion

Normalizing Emulsion is a light weight, water-based moisturizer and conditioner, specially blended and designed for sensitive, irritated, or dehydrated skin. Refreshing and hydrating that leaves skin soothed, healthy and refreshed. Normalizing Emulsion is a lightweight moisturizer combined with Allantoin which...

Papaya Mint Herbal Infusion

A mild exfoliating moisturizer with natural Papaya enzyme and Aloe Vera that exfoliates and hydrates the skin. Net Contents 4 fl.oz. Gently removes layers of dead skin cells Natural moisturizer Glycerin Contains Aloe Vera to soothe and heal skin Non-comedogenic...

SPF-15 Sunscreen Lotion (Sport Gel)

A SPF 15 daily moisturizer that helps protect against UVA/UVB sun damage. A light daytime formula that hydrates and absorbs quickly while reducing the scaling, roughness and discomfort associated sensitive, dry or irritated skin. This lotion (gel) creates a breathable barrier...

Perfect Wash AHA Gel Cleanser

Perfect Wash is specially formulated from high purity Glycolic Acid that cleanses and gently exfoliates layers of dead skin to relieve signs of aging and smooth rough skin. For oily and normal skin. Glycolic acid is the most effective fruit...

Biological Mask

A combination of Aloe, Talc, Bentonite (clay), Kaolin, Sunflower Oil and Vitamin E nourish, smooth and soothe the skin, leaving it looking spectacularly radiant. The skin looks supple, soft and luminous. Biological Mask specially formulated from a natural clay base...

Antioxidant Facial Mist with Rose Water
$30.00 - Sold Out

Formulated with soothing rose water to hydrate, heal and reduce irritation. Shields the skin from UVA/UVB while repairing skin damage caused by environment and fighting free-radicals. This nourishing spritz reduces irritation while hydrating, healing and refreshing the complexion. Vitamins A...

Blemish + Age Defense

An oil-free face serum that reduces the formation of adult acne, and improves visible signs of aging. Blemish + Age Defense is a targeted, oil-free approach for aging skin prone to breakouts. This first-to-market acid blend combines 2% dioic acid...

Facial Shampoo XX Strength

Ideal for oily, normal, & combination skin specially designed to remove excessive oil and impurities from the skin, provides a natural moisturizer and will not dry out your skin. Gel water-based cleanser with natural moisturizer Non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic formulation Cleanses...

Vitamin C Night Cream
$55.00 $41.00

Uniquely textured, concentrated L-Ascorbic Acid cream helps brighten complexion overnight, as it firms and strengthens skin. Paraben-free. Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid) brightens skin and helps build collagen while providing unsurpassed antioxidant protection. Firming Botanical Complex (Centella Asiatica & Echinacea Extracts)...

Hyaluronic Acid Serum
$59.00 - Sold Out

Restores sun damaged skin. Instantly increase moisture retention with antioxidant benefit of Japanese Green Tea. The results are amazing when used as directed. Ideal for all skin types. The Clinicians Complex Hyaluronic Acid Serum helps reduce the premature signs of aging, soften...

Retinol Serum RX

An excellent Retinol serum that aids in conditioning the skin, while reducing the signs of aging, photo damage, scarring and acne. Retinol Serum Rx is ideal for skin accustomed to other retinol or vitamin A therapies. May be incorporated several...

Oil Free Moisturizer glo therapeutics

Lightly moisturizes and balances skin with botanicals and essential hydrators. 1.7oz. Directions: Apply to skin after cleansing and toning. Layer over glo·therapeutics serums for additional treatment benefits. Active Ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid – Attracts and maintains hydration to hold 1000 times...

Exfolimate 2-Piece Face and Body Exfoliator Tool Kit
$32.00 $24.00

Exfolimate Kit works right out of the box to reduce the visible signs of aging and clear skin naturally. Using patented smooth edge micro-groove technology, Exfolimate gently releases dirt and oil embedded beneath your skin's surface - results are immediate! It's safe...

What is Exfolimate? Q&A

This new revolutionary personal exfoliation tools for the face & body to gently exfoliate prior to any skincare, shaving or hair removal treatments.

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Hyaluronic Toner

This botanical rich toner provides excellent hydration to the driest skin types as it nourishes and restores the skin’s pH balance. A blend of Cucumber, Comfrey, Aloe Vera and Horsetail Extracts. This toner helps soothe and reduces skin sensitivity. For...

Instant Tightening Serum
$65.00 - Sold Out

This powerful anti-aging complex promotes an instantly more youthful, radiant looking skin as the visibility of lines and wrinkles are greatly reduced. Clinicians Complex Instant Tightening Serum utilizes superior bimodal polymer technology to instantly lift, tighten, and firm the skin....

Clinical Formula

Discover Clinical Formula Clinical Formula products were developed by dermatologists to enhance the beauty of the skin. Discover these most popular items and more. BP Pumice Cleanser. Discover the best selling acne/blemish cleanser with 2.5% BPO. Facial Shampoo. A unique...